Caution With Jelqing the Head of the Penis

Jelqing is one of many terms used to encourage blood flow into the engorgable cavities of the penis to aid in enlargement. These techniques can also be utilized to “jelq” the head of the penis to increase its size, too.Since the glans (head) of the penis is the most sensitive area and most nerve-rich part of the penis, you want to do all you can to ensure that you keep your sensitivity in this area. By jelqing too hard on the head of the penis, the likely result will be that you lose sensation in this area and will be deprived of sexual pleasure while having intercourse.Using a form of lubricant is absolutely necessary when jelqing. But one thing that will really help to make sure you don’t lose sensitivity in the area is to wear a condom when jelqing. (Don’t worry about the condom causing too much compression that will restrict your ability to engorge. The opposite is true. The added compression actually encourages long-term growth, as the blood has to be worked harder into the penis to make up for the added pressure of the condom. Think of it like bicycling downhill versus uphill. You will build bigger muscles bicycling uphill – against the added resistance of gravity.) By wearing the condom you will decrease the amount of friction applied to the head during jelqing. This hard friction will desensitize the penile head. The condom will help reduce this desensitization and ensure you keep your sensitivity.Especially if you are circumcised, as the foreskin is also loaded with nerve-endings and sensory receptors. Men who are circumcised have decreased sensitivity (already) because of the scarring and because their foreskin is MIA. So take heed of this advice if you are circumcised. You want to keep every bit of sensation you possibly have in your penis.To learn more about Organic Penis Enlargement, read IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM and begin to Enlarge Your Life.Sincerely,Georg von Neumann

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